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digital post-production

transcodeding, validation, dailies and backup

  • At Cinecolor Argentina we have more than 30 years of experience providing this service, first performing negative development and transfer, and a few years ago fully digital. We know the logistics, we have experienced staff and we have all the security elements to guarantee the safety of the materials that enter our facilities daily.

    This service includes reception of OCF material, intake, validation, transcoding with LUT application, visual QC, upload to online review platforms, backup to LTO and archive until project completion.


  • We have numerous Avid / Resolve / Premiere 4k offline editing rooms with centralized Nexis servers.

color correction

  • We have 3 color correction rooms, each of them is prepared for different types of projects, in order to guarantee the adequate set up for Theatrical finish, HDR10 or Dolby Vision and SDR.

    We have Sony BVM-X300, Sony PVM-X550 monitoring and an 8.50mx6.60m projection room with a Christie CP-2220 projector, Tektronix measurement instruments and 5.1 sound.


  • This department has extensive experience in digital composition, Motion graphics and art direction, contributing its creativity from pre-production, attending shootings for VFX supervision, designing film titles and providing the client with all the necessary support to accompany him in each of the work stages.

master and qc

  • Content Mastering for international sales and OTT platforms according to international certifications.

    Deliveries to any type of file, including IMF, with its corresponding QC via Baton software.
    Upload via Aspera / Signant.

dcp (digital cinema package)

  • Since the first digital theaters were installed in Argentina, Cinecolor has provided high quality services for Digital Cinema.

    These services include DCP mastering and duplication for feature films and trailers, KDM generation and delivery. Download and file transfer via Aspera and/or Signiant, and satellite distribution by CinecolorSat.

    Software validation and DCP visualization in a projection room/theater, equipped with DCI Compliant equipment, ensures optimum quality file reproduction in any projection room/theater with certified equipment.

    Our workflow is certified, as regards physical and digital content protection, by MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). Also, it is certified individually by institutions that carry out periodical audits at our premises. As regards Corporate Social Security, our facilities are certified by Disney (Disney Code of Conduct of Manufacturers).


  • Physical preparation and ultrasonic washing machine

    Northlight scanner capable of digitizing 35mm negative at 6K

    Telecine Spirit Data Cine with DaVinci 2K capable of digitizing to 2k or HD

    We also have technical equipment for digitizing tape formats: U-MATIC, VHS, Beta SP, DVCam, Beta Digital, D1, HDV, HDCam 4: 2: 2 and HD SR 4: 4: 4.

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